Beauty In The Suffering: Studio Update For 03.03.01 – DieTrich Speaks

Beauty In The Suffering logo

Beauty In The Suffering logo

Still recuperating from a 24 hour day on Friday [March 1, 2013] – over half of which was spent PIRATED SOUNDS STUDIO. Had a BLAST chugging guitar riffs, some PHAT as PHUKK bass lines, and some *rawr* vocals for the track “REVEILLE” for BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING with PROVO PROVENZANO (SKINLAB, EVERYBODY PANIC!) will head back down again this coming Friday [March 8, 2013] to finish up vocals on “THE CRAZIES” and “YOU ARE MINE“. Should have some pictures posted in the coming days.

Also – just got back from a meeting about an hour ago with some very talented and twisted folks to discuss bringing the visualization of the 3 songs we worked on over the weekend to fruition in a very big way. Details as soon as things are more full developed. O.O

now to find a stream of the latest THE WALKING DEAD.. x_x

and then sleepy – Thanks to everyone for the comments, emails, texts, and calls of support!


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