(New Pic) Beauty In The Suffering: Studio Update For 03.11.13 – New Track

DEVASTATE screen shot

DEVASTATE screen shot


01:19 AM 03.10.13

should be sleeping but have been working on a new track working title “DEVASTATE” – chorus and verse riffs suitably HEAVY, still tweaking chorus but after A-B-C-A-B-C –> C transposes and then goes to D (of course) which is this EPIC outro bridge/change thingie.. clocking in @ just over 4 minutes.. working on some lyrics.. very +++ Beauty In The Suffering vibe = FUKK!! i ♥ what i do!! feel very blessed when i get to this point in the songwriting process = THANK YOU! xo

06:15 PM 03.11.13

screen shot from the Beauty In The Suffering track i was working on last night working title: “DEVASTATE” (name will change as soon as i get some working lyrics) – really digging where this one is going.. stacks of vocals..

wrapping my ear-holes around it as i’m prepping for my trip to Chicago, St. Louis, and GR (MI).. still tired as fukk from only 3 hours of sleep but the song was DEF worth it! xo


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