DieTrich Thrall of Beauty In The Suffering on 06.30.13. www.BeautyInTheSuffering.com, #BITSuffering

DieTrich Thrall of Beauty In The Suffering on 06.30.13. http://www.BeautyInTheSuffering.com, #BITSuffering


Text via DieTrich Thrall on Facebook on 07.02.13:

Hey everybody!! ❤ quick note to say hello and update you with what's been going on in Thrall World and Beauty In The Suffering.. as you can see i have been in deep in thought getting what seems like a BILLION ducks in their proper order.. 😮 (lol)

FINALLY got a chance to take some brand new spankin' pictures with a very talented team led by my friend and photographer Jade Coker the first result which you are seeing here.. very happy with the way things have turned out so far.. I am sifting through hundreds of stills.. will post more in the days ahead..

Also been working behind the scenes with director Mike Walsh finalizing details on 2 Beauty In The Suffering video shoots for the songs YOU ARE MINE and REVEILLE which we are going to film on August 3rd and 4th. putting together a KILLER lineup to represent the beginning of the visualization process.. very happy with the direction we are headed here so far.. so many more things to do.. the work never ends.. x_x

also very happy to note a BRAND NEW MARAZENE MACHINE track GENERATION FREAK will be dropping on my birthday this September 3rd.. soooo happy about this.. ❤ the song and been waiting for what seems like forEVER to get it out to everybody.. 😉

THANKS to everyone for your support and a VERY SPECIAL KUDOS to those that have been PM-ing asking about updates and how I have been holding up (lol).. means a lot to know that you are as anxious as i am with everything going on.. I try to take it day by day.. this is my life and I am happy to be here living in these moments with you.. ❤




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