DieTrich Thrall of Beauty In The Suffering on 07.21.13. www.BeautyInTheSuffering.com, #BITSuffering

DieTrich Thrall of Beauty In The Suffering on 07.21.13. http://www.BeautyInTheSuffering.com, #BITSuffering

Hola my beautiful friends! quick pic from the other night..

Been busy per the norm on all things BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING.. spending the rest of the week in mix sessions tweaking and carving these tracks into diamonds.. but here it is –> NEW MUSIC in OCTOBER!!! That’s the story and we’re sticking with it ❤

Also been prepping for TWO music video shoots for the songs JULIET (I changed the name from YOU ARE MINE) and REVEILLE we are locked in for on August 3 & 4.. Big kudos to my team Mike Walsh & Co. +++ Jade Coker, Marilyn Rackley and the talented cats from EVERYBODY PANIC! and ANTI-MORTEM who will be guesting in the video with me; Provo, Corey, Levi, Cory..

Oh I should mention – Chris Emery of AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE drums sound THUNDEROUS in the tracks.. so thunderous I get a little skured sometimes.. 😮

Thank you to everybody who has stuck with me through this process and forgiven my noticeable lack of free time to hang out or touch base.. I do the best that I can every single moment of every single day and then I go to sleepy dreaming new dreams to realize.. xox



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