Still from the BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING video shoot for "THE CRAZIES" on 09.21.13. DieTrich Thrall stands front and center during a take.

Still from the BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING video shoot for “THE CRAZIES” on 09.21.13. DieTrich Thrall stands front and center during a take.

Happy Monday morning *rawr* to y’all!!

had a BLAST over the weekend with ALL things BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING “THE CRAZIES” video shoot related and i wanted to send out a HUGE KUDOS out to everybody who came, saw, and kicked serious zombie booty!

special mention to the following:

Jerry Lowlife – my director texted me at 12:30AM to let me know that the playback system we though we had lined up wasn’t going to happen. I texted jerry first to see if he was up and then to see if he knew anybody and he said he had it covered. BIG SAVE – much thanks!

Vickie P. – Vickie got up bright and early – did some pretty spectacular zombie makeup on herself – then ran over to Susan’s house (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and helped with makeup on 8 or 9 other people.. Vickie can also take credit for kicking this entire 3-video project off by introducing me to both Jon and Mike – KUDOS!

April and Jade C. for helping out with suggestions, feedback, pix, support, understading, and general overall aMAZingness.. could NOT have done it without you and i SUPER appreciate you both throwing down ❤

Levi Dickerson (ANTI-MORTEM) for helping out all weekend with drums for our Mega Drum Session and the video – \m/\m/

Justin H. who found out Wednesday night that not only was he going to be a zombie in the video but that he was going to play bass for us in the video.. that gave him about 2 days (give or take some work and other gigs he had lined up for the weekend) to learn the song and get everything all lined up to r0ck the fukk out (which he did)

Chris Emery of AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE for shooting down from central INDIANA to hang out and laying some MONSTER drums on a handful of new BITS songs as well as spanking some drums in the video

Cory F. and Provo Provenzano (SKINLAB, RIKETS, EVERYBODY PANIC!) for bringing their AAA+++ game

Jon Shahan and Cait Brasel for everything shoot related – was a very quick and nimble experience overall and very much looking forward to the final edit!!

a bunch of new friends who i met for the first time yesterday who totally kicked AZZ yesterday!!

the tons of email and text supports leading up to the event and ANYONE ELSE i am not mentioning.




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