DieTrich Thrall’s Birthday Fest 2014 – Details!

Happy Birthday DieTrich Thrall (09/03)!!

Happy Birthday DieTrich Thrall (09/03)!!

Hello! Wanted to give a quick heads up to everybody. Been roadtripping throughout the Midwest and clearing my head of impurities. Lots of exciting things going on in Camp BITS and this Fall there will be a TON of updates as we pick up the pace on studio, video, and new music. 2015 will be an even BIGGER year than the amazing year 2014 has already been.

Also, I have a birthday coming up and some of you have already begun asking me what’s going on! So here’s the scoop:

1) If you are NEAR Oklahoma and want to join in the celebration, we have put together several BITS shows beginning with our Oklahoma City debut @ Chameleon Room on August 29. Here is the full itinerary and where to get further info:

8/29 – OKC, OK @ The Chameleon Room – OKC –
8/30 – Tulsa, OK @ Undercurrent
9/6 – Wewoka, OK @ The MudPit for the The Metal Malice Festival –

How about something more traditional or what if I’m further away?

2) I recently made an Amazon Wish List for those of you interested in sending something special from afar. The list is mostly made up of comic book graphic novels (please no digital copies such as Kindle) but a Game Of Thrones novel set found its way on to the list as well as a couple DVD sets. I sort of picked out a batch of stories that I have been jones-ing to read and which will very likely fuel new ideas of my own for future music and multi-media. Here’s the list:

Anything else?

3) You could always grab one of our songs on our Bandcamp page – They’re available for FREE download or you can make a donation.

4) Merchandise your thing? Grab a piece of Official BITS gear at our store – . Every single penny goes back into the band to help with whatever project we happen to be working on at the time.

5) You could also go and “LIKE” one or more of our social media pages or help spread the word by posting a link. They’re all listed on the default page of . Every little bit helps and we thank everyone who has gotten the word out to date! \m/

In any case, SUPER THANKS in advance for any route you might choose! Whatever’s clever ya know? I feel as though I had a pretty cool year releasing the first ever material from my new band. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out next year at this time 😉

Anyways – back to work I go! Thanks as always! xox


More information:
@ Twitter: #BITSuffering

The Beauty We Glean From The Suffering We Have Endured Can NEVER Be Denied..

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