[New Press] BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING Announce Debut EP, Post 2016 Video Teaser – Audio Sample of THE OUTFIELD’s “YOUR LOVE” Cover Included

January 12, 2016
BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING Announce Debut EP, Post 2016 Video Teaser – Audio Sample of THE OUTFIELD’s “YOUR LOVE” Cover Included

CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) — BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, the electro-metal project from producer Dietrich Thrall (DOYLE, MARAZENE), have posted their 2016 teaser in the form of a 90 second video collage which highlights the bands upcoming releases.

The teaser includes an audio sample of the bands cover of THE OUTFIELD‘s 80’s hit single “YOUR LOVE,” which will drop on February 9, 2016. A debut EP will follow on February 16, 2016. The complete sample order listing is as follows:

1) “N.G.F.D.” (Never Gonna F***ing Die)

Over the past two years, DieTrich, who toured with MISFITS guitar legend DOYLE WOLFGANG VON FRANKENSTEIN in 2015, has steadily built a multi-media experience highlighting his unique visionary approach. In addition to new music, “Phase 1’” as the band has referred to their ongoing campaign, has included original artwork as well as a handful of zombie and horror themed music videos. The first, entitled “The Crazies,” kicked off the bands “Zombie Trilogy” with release dates for “REVEILLE,” “JULIET,” (parts 2 and 3 respectively), and “N.G.F.D” (Never Gonna F***ing Die) expected to be announced shortly.

The Crazies” represent the first new material released by DieTrich since MARAZENE‘s 2011’s critically hailed cover of MOTLEY CRUE‘s “LIVE WIRE.” and subsequent final single “WELCOME TO YOUR HOLIDAY.”

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING’s music and videos features studio and media special guests from members of TRAPT, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, DOPE, ANTI-MORTEM, SKINLAB, EVERYBODY PANIC – with additional guests to be announced in the coming weeks and months.

More information: http://www.beautyinthesuffering.com
@ Twitter/IG: #BITSuffering

THE CRAZIES 2016 - 1500


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