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(New Pic) BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING: Happy Birthday to Mr. DieTrich Thrall!

DieTrich Thrall of Beauty In The Suffering on 09.03.13. www.BeautyInTheSuffering.com, #BITSuffering

DieTrich Thrall of Beauty In The Suffering on 09.03.13. http://www.BeautyInTheSuffering.com, #BITSuffering

Text via DieTrich Thrall on Facebook on 09.03.13:

much thanks to all of my amazing friends for the birthday wishes.. have had the most aMAZing week of celebrating.. ♥♥♥

overall this has EASILY been the BEST year yet over the past couple of years and they keep getting better.. this year we launched my new band Beauty In The Suffering, went into the studio to cut a batch of songs, collaborated with a bunch of talented fellas, filmed 2 videos, accomplished a bunch of personal objectives – the list goes on..

so how to top that? EASY!! we’re going to RELEASE our NEW MUSIC (very soon!) and continue to record MORE songs, we’re going to release our NEW MUSIC VIDEOS and continue to film MORE, we’re going to drop a bunch of artwork we have been stacking that i am very excited about that ADDS to the visualization of the songs/experience.. and that’s just the beginning!! *rawr*

how about some LIVE SHOWS?? i think so my friends.. as soon as the music is out we will be able to switch our focus to a more personal and up close experience 😉

oh – and speaking of LIVE shows – my birthday is today but we are officially celebrating it in a couple of weeks when we film our big ZOMBIE video for THE CRAZIES and EVERYONE is invited – details on the event invite – https://www.facebook.com/events/161432534047911/ – check it out – bring some friends and let’s make this the most BAD AZZ zombie video/experience EVER ;))

i may not be here for very much longer – there is just no way to know how things will go.. but my time here with you has been MORE than i could ever hope for and if i go – i go content that i gave it my best and that i was able to share a little bit of time with you and that you were able to be apart of my life in some small way..

♥ & +++ always and forever