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MUSIC LEGENDS Interviews BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING: “We Are Putting Together The Live Show” Per DieTrich Thrall

DieTrich (pronounced "Dee - Trick") Thrall of BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING

DieTrich (pronounced “Dee – Trick”) Thrall of BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING

Music Legends out of Nova Scotia Canada has posted a quick interview with Beauty In The Suffering founder DieTrich Thrall. Topics run the gamut and include an update on upcoming happenings for BITS circa 2014.

A quick excerpt:

How was it recording the album The Crazies?
The recording process was fun! Was the very first time I had managed the entire process on my own. Tracking every instrument (with the exception of live drums) was challenging overall but a piece of cake in reality.

Any tour dates for Beauty In The Suffering?
We are putting together the live show for 2014.

Check out the entire interview at the following link: http://musiclegends.ca/interviews/beauty-in-the-suffering-interview/#RKVoMGIbCUy1URpH.99

More information: http://www.beautyinthesuffering.com
@ Twitter: #BITSuffering