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[New Press] BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING World Premiere New Track, “JULIET (YOU’RE MINE)”, On Bloody-Disgusting.com

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING: "JULIET" Album Artwork - ©2014 Beauty In The Suffering

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING: “JULIET” Album Artwork – ©2014 Beauty In The Suffering

September 2, 2014
BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING World Premiere New Track, “JULIET” (YOU’RE MINE), On Bloody-Disgusting.com

CHICAGO, IL (DLSP) — BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, the newly launched electro-metal studio project from producer Dietrich Thrall (MARAZENE), have released the bands third single “JULIET,” and popular horror site Bloody-Disgusting.com have posted the bands lyric video.


The track was written, programmed, arranged, performed, and produced by DieTrich Thrall and features drums from Chris Emery (American Head Charge). The track is available on the bands Bandcamp page as well as iTunes and other digital outlets.

Said DieTrich about the track:

“Excited to be able to introduce everybody to our new single ‘JULIET’ (You’re Mine)’! Particularly enamored by the artwork for this one (though I’ve been pretty taken by all of the covers to date) and the concept of unrequited love as a general concept. So many of you on social media fill my news feed with tales of being misunderstood, un-appreciated – and some of you just go bat-shit cRaZy (which is totally understandable and which we have addressed to a degree in a previous song)!

But a lot of you have inspired me through all of your experiences, confessions, and modern day S.O.S. messages in bottles – and sometimes when I get a spare moment to think about it I just have to ask why the hell we do it all in the first place.. WHY put ourselves through this soul-crushing crucible – that we could somehow find that ONE person to fill ALL of the many holes in our heart. i pity our potential significant others – their telepathic inability be damned..

But then, if it had been too easy – would it have mattered as much..?

Broken pieces of the mess that you left behind you..

The Beauty We Glean From The Suffering We Have Endured Can NEVER Be Denied..”

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING, who just completed their first leg of National tour dates at the end of July, continue to move forward with their introductory phase to fans and industry alike with a multi-media experience highlighting producer Dietrich Thrall’s unique visionary approach. In addition to new music, “Phase 1′” as the band has referred to their ongoing campaign, has included original artwork as well as zombie themed music videos which began to surface late last year with the release of “The Crazies.” The three songs also represent the first new material released by DieTrich since MARAZENE‘s 2011′s critically hailed cover of MOTLEY CRUE‘s “LIVE WIRE.” and subsequent final single “WELCOME TO YOUR HOLIDAY.”

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING – whose featured studio and media special guests include AARON “MONTY” MONTGOMERY (TRAPT), CHRIS EMERY (AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE), ANGEL BARTOLOTTA (DOPE, TEAM CYBERGEIST), CHRIS TELKES (NOCTURNE, THE RAZORBLADE DOLLS), COREY HENDERSON (ANTI-MORTEM), LEVI DICKERSON (ANTI-MORTEM), and PROVO PROVENZANO (SKINLAB, RIKETS) – will announce the release date for a full production zombie themed video version of “JULIET” in the coming weeks and months.

BEAUTY IN THE SUFFERING presents: “JULIET” – Track details

“JULIET written, programmed, arranged, performed, and produced by DieTrich Thrall (MARAZENE).

Mixed and mastered by Provo Provenzano (RIKETS, SKINLAB) and DieTrich Thrall at Pirated Sounds Studios in Oklahoma City, OK.
Drums: Chris Emery (AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE).
Album artwork: Xàos

More information: http://www.beautyinthesuffering.com
@ Twitter: #BITSuffering